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Food & Drink at Dog Creek


At Dog Creek Lodge Restaurant & Bar, you’re treated to a delicious spread of local cuisine, artfully concocted cocktails that change seasonally, and the added touch of organic greens grown on site and locally sourced beef. Our menu features a vibrant array of lunch and dinner offerings crafted from locally sourced ingredients, such as Farm to Market Pork, fresh herbs from our own on-site greenhouse, and the finest cuts of locally sourced meat. Indulge in our homemade meals, where we take pride in offering you a dining experience that satisfies your palate while supporting local farmers through sustainable, healthful practices. 


Please note that our specials are subject to change. We recommend calling ahead to confirm availability,

or planning on the rotating specials changing on a weekly basis for your enjoyment.

Restaurant & Bar Hours 2:00PM to 9:00PM

WED - SUN! Current info call 406-881-2071

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