Curling & Skating update

Who would have thought that making ice in NW Montana would prove to be so difficult?

The curling sheet is super close to being ready. We developed one big crack that has been flooded and is in the process of freezing. The Curling stones that we are making (because I couldn’t justify $11,000 for real stones) are almost done. We will wrap them with a rubber bumper and tape the handles with red and blue colored tape. We have mesh rings on the way, which will be frozen into the ice along with hacks to push off.

The skating rink just flat out won’t freeze. We had about a week of temps below freezing and it just wasn’t enough to get a good coating down. Then we received about two feet of snow. Now the challenge is getting the snow off without tearing the plastic.

For now, our focus is getting the curling up and going. One solid week below freezing should do it. I don’t see that in the forecast currently, but who knows. Thanks for all of the interest and excitement. We will keep you updated as the weather changes.


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