Do you rent Tents for outdoor events including weddings?

Not at this time but we are looking into it for the future. See information on where to rent equipment.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size of your party, how many days you need to rent the facilities and what amenities/facilities you are using. Some guests come and rent the resort for 2 nights, have a small, private elopement with 20 guests, have minimal setup and takedown within those 3 days, 2 nights, take care of all their own food on-site, etc. Other parties host 125 guests, have tents and porta-potties set up for a few days before and after, bring in multiple vendors, have tent campers, cabin guests and a band. Rental rates can range from $2,500/night to $4,000 per night depending on the size and requirements of the party. Contact us for a quote. Our basic package for families renting the resort is here on vrbo:

How Many Guests Can the Lodge Accommodate?

It Depends. Dog Creek Lodge comfortably sleeps 26 guests with the bedrooms/facilities in the main buildings. Dog Creek Lodge can host up to 46 guests with the addition of our "dry" cabins and rooms in the main house. We can also host tent camping in some of the areas around the Dog Creek Property. Contact us and we can work on a custom quote for your group/event. We do not have camper/RV hookups at this time.

Do you rent any other equipment for weddings/events at Dog Creek?

Not at this time but we are looking into it for the future. See for information on where to rent equipment. We currently DO NOT HAVE tents, chairs, tables, linens, wares, etc. for weddings/events. We do have enough wares for guests staying at the lodge, just not for larger parties. (More than 26 guests)

What are your bathroom facilities at the Lodge?

We have a wheelchair accessible, dorm-style, shared bathroom/washroom in the guest house; two, single 1/2 bathrooms in the main lodge and private bathrooms in the six bedrooms in the upstairs of the guest house. For special events that include more people that can stay at the lodge, like weddings, we recommend renting porta-potties. See more local vendors.

Is the lodge Wheelchair Accessible?

Most of the facilities are wheelchair accessible. The downstairs of the guest house, both floors of the event center, most of the grounds surrounding the lodge. We are currently working on a ramp for the main Lodge, but it is only accessible by a set of 2 stairs at this time. The upstairs of the event center is accessible by a long walkway, but it can be challenging in the winter due to snow and ice buildup. We will make our best efforts in providing you with as much information and help during your stay as long as we are notified in advance.

What are the food options for the Lodge?

We have a large commercial kitchen in the main lodge that is used by our guests that rent the entire resort. Most people/groups plan ahead and go to Costco in Kalispell or other grocery stores in the Flathead Valley. Whitefish has a Super 1, Safeway, and small organic markets. Whitefish also hosts a Farmer's Market every Tuesday during the summer and early fall. If you are looking for a Caterer, see: There are a few locals on this list who have served our location and are familiar with our resort. Most weddings and special events rely on catering services to host larger parties. One of our favorite locals is Point of Rocks, located approximately five miles North of Dog Creek Lodge

Do you recommend any Florists?

We do not have a specific florist that we work with at this time, but here are some links: Whitefish Kalispell Flathead Valley

Do you have any wedding planners that you recommend?

We are beginning to work with a couple wedding/event planners, but do not have any contracts at this time. Marti Paugh- Blue Heron Events Other Planners

Where do we park?

For parties under 30 people, there is usually enough parking around the main lodge, event center and guest house. For larger events like weddings, where the ceremony is held in the field, we can put overflow parking in the field depending on where the ceremony is held and where tents/porta potties are set up. Usually we have an on-site meeting with the wedding party and/or planner to devise the best plan.

Where do the bride and groom normally hold the ceremony?

Summer weddings are usually held in the meadow below the Lodge. Dog Creek flows on the edge of the meadow and there is ample space to set up a tent, ceremony site, dance floor, porta-potties, parking, etc. for up to 200 guests. The meadow is accessible by stairs from the main lodge and is accessible by vehicle via a dirt road to the north of the lodge. If there is inclement weather, the ceremony is held in the event center, which is located between the main lodge and the guest house. Our Event Center can accommodate wedding parties of around 100 people, but the space is limited, so prior planning is recommended to devise the best plan with the chance of poor weather, moving chairs, equipment, etc.

What is the maximum number the lodge can accommodate?

We have a maximum of 32 persons that we can host with beds and full bathroom facilities. This doesn't mean we can only host 32 people. We have hosted weddings with 150 guests, but not all of those guests used the facilities overnight. We had campers, day users, cabin renters, people who stayed in town, etc. We can work with your group to accommodate as many people comfortably as possible, but if you are looking for a resort where 150 guests need full overnight amenities, Dog Creek unfortunately cannot accommodate that.

WiFi, TV, Phone?

We have Wifi in the three main buildings, satellite TV service and a land line in case of emergency. WiFi passwords are given at check-in, ask the kids on how to operate the TV and unfortunately we have no cellular service, so if you have an emergency or need to make a call, there is a phone in the main lodge.

On-Site Restaurant/Cafe?

Our Cafe is currently closed during the spring, summer and fall months. We open the cafe in conjunction with our ski shop to host our skiers that use our nordic trail system. Those dates are respectively Dec 1 - March 30. For winter events that fall inside those dates, we can arrange meals including our wood fired pizza for lodge guests. Contact us for more information.

What other amenities do you have at the Lodge?

See our amenities page for more info on the area and what equipment we have for the season.

What is your pet policy?

We do not allow pets at Dog Creek Lodge at this time. Due to our smaller, more personal scale of our facilities and rooms, we do not have any specific pet-friendly lodging at this time. Some wedding guests will bring animals and they have been involved in outdoor ceremonies, events, etc. but we do not allow pets inside our rooms or facilities.



Thanks for looking at Dog Creek Lodge to host your big day!


Dog Creek Lodge is an incredible spot just 20 miles from Whitefish and an hour away from Glacier National Park and less than an hour from Glacier International Airport. We have a beautiful property surrounded by public land and an endless amount of adventure to be had. Please look through our Q and A to learn a little more about our property and facilities including the most asked questions and answers. Interested in learning more? Don't hesitate to contact us.



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